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Exigo Verticals

For more than 20 years, direct sales companies have chosen Exigo for its proven, powerful performance. As the leader in global incentive management, Exigo continues to explore new verticals like insurance, healthcare, logistics or wherever complex compensation calculations are critical.

Exigo’s powerful software platform has revolutionized the direct sales industry. Through its innovative features and services, it has made it easier and more efficient for direct sellers to manage their business operations and increase their profitability. Exigo users can track sales data, process payments, manage customer relationships, create promotions and discounts, generate reports and access valuable insights. Its customizability makes it ideal for any size direct sale company, and the powerful advanced technologies combined with world-class customer support makes Exigo an invaluable asset for any direct sales business. provides industry-leading infrastructure management tools for monitoring, alerting, reporting, firewalls, failovers, and more. All-in-one hosting solutions provide the the most accurate data, the most reliable hosting, and the most innovative monitoring tools available. Sign up today and start managing your infrastructure from anywhere.

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